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Yes, it’s that time of the year again when the shopping craziness starts! What does Black Friday “success” mean to you? Does it mean finding a gift for everyone on your list?

Staying under budget? Coming out of the store unscathed? We all have different ideas of what Black Friday success is, but when you give the 12 tips below for Black Friday Success a try, you are certain to experience multiple degrees of success on your Black Friday shopping trip.

Tips to a Successful Black Friday

Check out these 12 tips for Black Friday success, so you can return home feeling like you have won!

1. Watch for ads as early as 2 weeks before Black Friday.
Download the apps of your favorite stores so you can keep an eye out for their Black Friday Deals. Also, subscribe to the newsletters to your favorite daily deal sites as they usually stay abreast of these ads during the holiday season.

2. Prepare your Black Friday budget.
See our recommendations for preparing a Black Friday budget so you can decide what amount you can spend on holiday gifts. Creating a detailed budget and sticking to it is one of the best ways to achieve Black Friday’s success.

3. Become familiar with store policies on price matching and returns.
You want to become familiar with the return policies of each store so you can buy your items with confidence. Remember to always grab gift receipts so your recipients don’t have issues if an item isn’t right for them.

4. Make your shopping list of each person you need to buy for.
Don’t shop without a list! Winging it doesn’t work and you might actually buy more (and spend more) than you need. Always shop with a list so you can stay focused and stay on track financially.

5. Start looking for discounted gift cards to shop with.
Find discounted gift cards at Costco and on eBay so you can get the stuff you want for less. This is a great way to stretch your dollar further and a great way to shop without carrying a lot of cash.

6. See which deals you can score online to save time.
Is the item you want available online as well as in-store? It is always worth a check. You can save time and money when you do this. Who wouldn’t want an item shipped right to their door instead of having to run out for it?

7. Create a functional way to organize receipts as you shop.
Take a folder or envelope system with you to hold receipts as you shop. You may wish to take a pen as well so you can circle the name of each store and write the recipient on the receipt as well.

8. Organize cash, credit cards, debit cards.
Now is the time to make sure all of your debit and credit cards are current, to see what your balance or spending limit is, and to safely stow away cash in your purse. Organize your methods of payment prior to Black Friday so your finances are in order and you can be ready to shop.

9. Make a list of each store you need to shop at. Highlight deals you want to grab.
In the sales, fliers highlight any high-interest items. This is also a good time to see if any of the stores will price match another store’s sale price.

10. Be prepared to arrive in stores early.
Early birds get the Black Friday worm! Be prepared to arrive at stores as early as 5 a.m. to get the deals you want. This might mean leaving home as early as 4 a.m. Think you can handle it?

11. Don’t count on grabbing every single deal.
Relax. You can’t grab every single deal. Decide which ones you want the most and prioritize, grab the deals that are most important to you, get in get the most important items and get out, remember there will be so many other sales including Cyber Monday Deals that you can grab so it’s important to prioritize.

12. Consider finding gifts for half your list and staying under budget a success.
What is success? Staying under budget. Even if you don’t knock out your entire list, putting a good dent in it should feel good. After all, you still have Cyber Monday!

Keep these 12 tips for Black Friday success in mind before you rise and shine on Black Friday morning. They are sure to help you return home after a day of shopping feeling success in your heart and with some money left in your hand.

What are your Black Friday tips? Let’s discuss it in the comments.


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