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Disclosure: This post is part of my all-expense-paid trip to Walt Disney World sponsored by Disney, in exchange for my press coverage. All opinions are 100% my own.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is an absolute blast. Let me get that out there right away. As part of the #ZootopiaEvent for the Zootopia movie, my fellow bloggers and I were treated to a fun-filled excursion to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and it was nothing short of amazing. It’s one of those theme parks that covers just about everything imaginable, from Star Wars to Toy Story to American icons like The Hard Rock Cafe. It’s a melting pot of amazing!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios -Your Source for Star Wars and So Much More

Although there’s more than just Star Wars to be seen there, I want to start with all of the Star Wars fun to be had at the park. It’s only fitting, to begin with, Star Wars, considering how it crushed it at the box office and brought home some amazing awards. Strap in, because we’re hitting hyperspace. ūüėČ

Star Wars Launch Bay

If you love Star Wars, you’ll want to stop by the Star Wars Launch Bay. It’s like the Holy Grail for all Star Wars geeks. You’ll see amazing memorabilia like complete costumes – including Han Solo and Storm Trooper suits – a wide variety of Storm Trooper Helmets, posters, Vader’s helmet, and you’ll even see the characters from the film strolling around.

While you’re there, stop by the Tatooine Trader to pick up some cool keepsakes from your trip to the Star Wars portion of Disney’s Hollywood Studios and even make your own droid. How cool is that?

You’ll also want to check out the Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular and Dessert Party. Because what’s more amazing than dessert and a HUGE fireworks show? Nothing! The answer is nothing. Especially when that experience is a VIP one and with STAR WARS! Thanks, Disney!

Toy Story Mania

If you love Toy Story – and who doesn’t – you’ll want to stop by Toy Story Mania. This 4D shooting ride stars all of your favorite Toy Story characters. It’s a blast – literally. Just make sure you’re sight eye is ready for a workout

The Tower of Terror

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Tower of Terror. Trust me, this is a must when you visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Hop on the haunted elevator and get ready for a jolt of adrenaline as the elevator car takes you up and down and then plummets to the bottom of the building. It’s a right of passage, and you must do it no matter how afraid you are.

The Great Movie Ride

This is a ride and a show. It’s perfect if you love Hollywood but you don’t love adrenaline. Take your seat and travel through some of Hollywood’s most memorable films.

Just Taking Some Pics

If you love photos, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has some unique areas to take some great pictures. I took a couple in front of their subway exhibits – which look completely authentic. You can also take other interesting pictures with all kinds of great props. It’s a fun little thing to do in between all of the rest of the action! The subway caught my attention, reminding me of my daughter who attends college in NY, making me closer to her!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios -The Force, the Movies, the Magic, and More

We opened with Star Wars, so we’ll close with Star Wars. Disney’s Hollywood Studios has something for everyone. It really does. Whether you like rides, Star Wars, Toy Story, or great shows. Disney’s Hollywood Studios has it. I personally recommend seeing the Star Wars Launch Bay before anything else. It is absolutely filled with amazing Star Wars items, and it’s not to be missed for any fan of the entire franchise or just first-timers who saw The Force Awakens. From the costumes to the gift shop, it’s almost more Star Wars than you can handle!

Whatever you’re into, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has it. It was so much fun to hang with the group at this amazing park on my #ZootopiaEvent trip. I had a wonderful time, and your family will, too!

Remember, Zootopia is now in all theaters! Check out the trailer and make plans now to watch it this weekend with your family!

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