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Believe it or not, for many it’s not always easy to find fun things to do at home. Let’s admit it, lots of us have been struggling with boredom at one point during this social distancing, self-isolating, quarantine time. Not all of us are happy staying at home, behind closed doors especially us Floridians, during Spring which’s one of the most beautiful seasons.

No matter what, there’s a lot that can be done to get yourself not only caught up but even ahead of life’s responsibilities while having plenty of fun as well.

For those of us that work from home, it is no different. But for those not used to it, it’s evident that feeling bored at home is not fun unless you do something interesting and exciting.

fun things to do at home

Fun Things to do at Home


When have you last enjoyed a gardening session with your family? You might not remember as our busy work schedule hadn’t allowed us to do that.

Gardening is an excellent hobby and for those of us living in Florida, gardening in Central Florida is booming right now!. Keep yourself busy gardening and making your little garden look beautiful. Also, make sure to engage your family and enjoy it together. Do simple things like cleaning your yard, apply pesticides, water the plants, clean the surrounding space. Fun things to do at home shouldn’t be difficult!

Watch Movies

Having movie nights with your family during weekends is a great way to spend time together. Of course, now we can have movie nights every night!. We all know that Netflix is preferred with thousand of movies to choose from making it difficult to decide.

Nothing beats cuddling up to watch your favorite movie, for us it would be a Disney movie! Look for that particular movie you’ve been wanting to watch…and Oh don’t forget the snacks!

fun things to do at home
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Clean your phone

When have you last deleted the unwanted pictures, contacts, and other unused apps from your phone’s memory? You haven’t done it for long, and it’s a fact. Generally, your busy daily schedule will not allow you to do that.

However, an excellent DIY tip to keep yourself busy is to clean your phone. We bet you’ll remain engaged for hours doing that, and it’s a good thing to do when you are bored at home.


Cooking with the family is a great way to spend time together. Meal prepping is also a great idea! It can come across a bit intimidating when you’re getting started. It’s a great way to save money because you’re not wasting ingredients, eat healthier and it’s such a great convenience.

To start out, you don’t necessarily need to prep all your meals for the week. Start off slow and just watch how quickly you get used to it. Check out these Instant Pot Recipes

Woman Cooking fun things to do at home

To upskill yourself is always a good thing. When you are staying at home, utilize any additional time upskilling yourself. You can learn a new language, art, or anything that’ll help you in career growth.

You’ll find tons of self-learning portals imparting free education, a great way to learn and keep yourself engaged alike.

Update Your Resume

Do you only update your resume when you switch jobs or need to apply for one? Get ahead of the game. It is daunting and time-consuming. Making a few tweaks here and there can have a surprisingly big impact.

Start off with removing old positions. If you’ve been into your career for over 10 years now, I would remove those entry-level roles. Update your skills to reflect your professional skills, both soft and hard.

Update the format, add some bullets. These are just a few minor changes that will make a difference.

Mamacita On The Move

Clean your Email Inbox 

We don’t all get the same number of emails. It varies from person to person depending on, for example, how many friends you have, how often you shop online and how many “subscriptions” you have to websites, and more.

And that doesn’t include all of the work-related emails you also might get every day. That’s why it’s not unusual for some people to have hundreds or even thousands of UNREAD emails in their inboxes.

Sign up for Free Online courses

There are a ton of Free Online Courses that we can all benefit from. Skillshare is a fabulous site that offers tons of offers, free online classes. Topics range from business, design, photography, film, gaming, technology, DIY, crafts, music, fashion, and many more. Seniors may be able to take college classes for free.

Many states will waive tuition so that they can take college classes. It’s a great way to make a career change or maybe just to keep their mind active.

Learn a new language

Open Culture offers 48 languages that you can learn for free. Being able to communicate in a foreign language is priceless. I am bilingual in both Spanish and English and it has opened so many doors. It increases networking skills and relationships.

Get your taxes ready

With hardly any distractions, nowhere to go, no friends to visit, this is the perfect time to start wrapping up your taxes. Besides the IRS has extended the filing deadline to July 15, 2020 filing date has been extended!

Clean, Declutter, and Organize the House

There always seems to be lots of home stuff to do. Not everyone enjoys having to clean one’s home, at least I don’t! I would rather pay someone to do this hideous chore.

The reality is, it is something that’s necessary to do. Clean your room and make it look presentable. We’re sure, and you haven’t done it for long, so engage along with your family and make your homestay enjoyable.

Do the laundry, purge your home clean, and tidy up like there’s no tomorrow. This is a one time opportunity.


Stop Waiting to Decorate Your Home

I must admit, I’m not good with changes, so I am guilty of this one. Making decisions in your home can feel like an overwhelming long-term commitment, which I the reason why we often put off. It’s a matter of changing that attitude and start thinking that it’s okay for your style to change.  NOW is the time!

Check-In With People You Care About

Check on those loved ones in isolation as well. It is a matter of them knowing you are there for them. Facetime with them. It takes no more than a few minutes. Maybe your neighbor lives alone or is unable to go shopping. Offer help. We have a neighborhood chat and when one goes to the grocery store, they send out a text asking if anyone needs something. It’s a small gesture that goes far.

Dress Comfortable

Being comfortable is super important to me when I’m at home. When I go out, I have to wear heels and dresses that might not feel the best on me even when they look great on me. When I’m home, though, it’s a completely different story. Being at home is the place where being comfortable should always be a top priority.

Plan your next vacation

Planning a dream vacation is a daunting task. It requires detailed research and time too. Why don’t you do it now by utilizing your free time? Planning a holiday is, of course, exciting activity and you’ll never get bored while doing that.

Take Museum Virtual Tours

Soak up some culture and education while you’re confined to your home. Choose among over 2500 museums and galleries virtual tours of famous museums around the world! No need to travel, watch in the comfort of your home. MoMA New York is one of my favorites! Check out the list here.

So, follow these suggestions for fun things to do at home if you feel bored at home. However, if you’ve planned to do something else, we’ll be excited to know about that. Take care of your mental health and keep your spirits ups. Don’t forget to comment below and make your homestay exciting.

Mamacita On The Move



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