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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Best Buy. However, all opinions are my own.

Kitchen appliances play such a big role in our lives. We spend 12% of our lives in the kitchen, so why not choose great appliances? Of course, appliances alone, don’t make a kitchen. But, they sure are the most important part since it’s the reason we have one! It’s the primary function of having it…to prepare and cook our meals.

Best Buy LG Matte Black Kitchen e1540859892897 - LG Matte Black Kitchen Appliances at Best Buy

LG’s exclusive Matte Black stainless steel combines the timeless look of stainless steel with a luxe & low-gloss matte finish that compliments any kitchen décor. These LG smart kitchen appliances are wi-fi and voice-enabled, allowing you to control your kitchen appliances remotely — from changing settings to checking the status, or turning on or off. These smart appliances make life easier. Oh yes they do plus they are so stylish.

LG Kitchen2 MatteBlack Range OTR Shot1 e1540859912140 - LG Matte Black Kitchen Appliances at Best Buy

If you are planning on re-doing your kitchen, moving into a new place, or if you are major appliances, High Touch tech fan passionate about solutions within your home, this is for you! Design and lifestyle to the max. These smart appliances make life easier, plus Save up to $350 on LG kitchen appliance!

You can find more Information at the Best Buy website!

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