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Disclosure: This post is part of an invitation from the Stone Castle Hotel, to attend the #BloggingBranson Event in exchange for my coverage. However, all opinions are 100% mine

The Hughes Bros Music Show in Branson, MO

Carrying the title of “The World’s Largest Performing Family” you’ll be able to enjoy a musical show by The Hughes Bros. This show is simply magical, entertaining and impressive. While in Branson, MO I was able to experience the performance of more than 50 family members who enjoy entertaining their guests with singing, dancing, and musical instruments.

The Hughes Bros Music Show in Branson, MO

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There are 4 performing brothers and their wives with a total of 36 children and grand-children combined that make The Hughes Bros Music Show experience come to life. I cannot believe that a family this large is able to entertain and continue to carry on the musical show experience live to everyone in Branson, MO. I think this is a fabulous family experience for anyone to witness.

The Hughes Bros Music Show in Branson, MO

The Hughes brothers and their wives enjoy entertaining guests with lovely light displays and dance in your seat numbers. A nation’s favorite, “The Greatest Showman” is presented as their kick-off show, “Born to Entertain”. It’s a lovely experience that truly shows you the magic of a family bond, commitment to show business and the love and joy that music can bring a family.

The Hughes Bros Music Show in Branson, MO

This show has been newly designed for 2018, so if you’ve already experienced The Hughes Bros Music Show, you haven’t seen anything yet! The connection between these family members who truly seem to enjoy entertaining and capturing the emotions of their guests is simply breathtaking. The choreography and instrumental achievement of the children in this show is something else. It’s such an amazing, family experience to have seen The Hughes Bros Music Show.

The Hughes Bros Music Show in Branson, MO

While you will recognize that this show is put on by a family full of Faith, love, and dedication to our people, it’s done tastefully so that anyone is able to enjoy the experience of this live show in Branson. The entertainment, the lights, the dancing, the music and the songs will take you away as you tap, sing and even shed a tear in joy for this family truly knows how to put on a good family-friendly live show.

The Hughes Bros Music Show in Branson, MO

Faith is something that’s very important to the people of Branson and you’ll experience this first hand while you watch The Hughes Bros Music Show. The gospel ballads and emotion-filled stage honoring our military while showcase just how important Faith, family, and fun is to the people of this Midwest location. I was taken away to a magical place full of family, love, and music while experiencing The Hughes Bros Music Show in Branson, MO.

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