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Disclosure: This post is part of an invitation by the Stone Castle Hotel, to attend the #BloggingBranson Event in exchange for my coverage. However, all opinions are 100% mine

Affordable Family Dining is always a good thing especially when traveling! We discovered Pasghetti’s, The site of a giant meatball with a fork sticking out of it on the side of a building never gets old to see in Branson, Missouri.

This giant meatball is a sight that tells you that you’ve reached a delicious restaurant known as Branson’s Pasghetti’s, a new family-owned and locally operated restaurant.

What’s a giant meatball on the side of a building without a large green pepper and tomato, too? That’s what you’ll witness when you happen upon Branson’s Pasghetti’s, an Italian restaurant located on the strip near many of Branson’s attractions.

Why Branson’s Pasghetti?

Have you ever heard a toddler try to pronounce spaghetti? Well, it sounds a little like “pasghetti”, doesn’t it? That’s exactly how this Italian restaurant got its name.

Nolan Fogle heard a young family member refer to spaghetti as Pasghetti and just knew it would make for a famous restaurant name in his hometown of Branson, Missouri. I guess, Nolan Fogle was correct!

An Inside Out Restaurant

Branson’s Pasghetti’s has an inside out theme to it. As you walk up to this Italian restaurant you’ll notice that the building has a 1920’s design to it, but what’s even better is what happens when you enter the doors of Branson’s Pasghetti’s restaurant.

Once you enter the doors to this Italian restaurant you’ll feel as if you’re walking down the streets of New York, as that’s what the painting on the walls depicts.

The great thing about Branson’s Pasghetti’s Italian restaurant, besides being an affordable family dining choice, is that you can order your food and then explore the building while you wait. I highly recommend you do this!

From the inside outside appearance décor and arcades, there’s something for everyone when you opt to dine at this Italian restaurant in Branson, Missouri.

Branson’s Paghetti’s Menu

The awesome thing about the menu at Pasghetti’s is that you can order gluten-free pasta. They have a delicious selection of Italian food options on their menu.

From the meatball sub with 5-ounce meatballs on it to the Alfredo pasta, you’re sure to enjoy a delicious meal when you opt to dine in at Branson’s Pasghetti’s during your stay in Branson, Missouri.

Party of 20+ Menu

While you will be able to dine on the regular menu options at Pasghetti’s Italian restaurant, we were a group of 20+ people which meant we had a group menu option. This Italian restaurant creates a group menu option to help expedite the process of dining in when you’re planning to eat a meal at Pasghetti’s with a large group.

Group Menu Options:

  • Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Meatball Sub
  • Alfredo Pasta
  • Spaghetti & Meatball Sauce

We had a surprise visit from the owner of Pasghetti’s, Nolan Fogle. I was fascinated with the story behind the opening of this great family restaurant.

I spoke about the mission to not miss a single moment of his young children growing up. I think this is something we all can relate to, trying to be our own boss so that we can make time to watch our children grow before our eyes.

It truly was an inspirational and relatable story to hear while dining at Branson’s Pasghetti’s.

Before you head out to venture onto another Branson attraction, be sure to finish your tour of Branson’s Pasghetti’s restaurant. On the second floor, you’ll find a trolley car that makes for a picture-perfect moment.

A Ferris wheel, yes! In addition to the trolley, you’ll witness a replica of Coney Island, or at least that’s what it looked like to me. There are arcades to enjoy as well.

This is what makes Branson’s Pasghetti’s Italian restaurant so special, it’s a restaurant and Branson attraction combined.

I had such a great time dining out at Branson’s Pasghetti’s Italian restaurant and checking out the inside-outside building. So if Italian food is a favorite, Pasghetti’s is it! Fun, family-friendly and quickly becoming popular. I’m certain you’ll enjoy dining here too when you plan a vacation to Branson, Missouri.

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