10 Terrific Rotisserie Chicken Dishes

10 Terrific Rotisserie Chicken Dishes Rotisserie Chicken Dishes makes the basis for so many meals especially dinnertime options. The convenience of picking up a rotisserie chicken at your local supermarket is priceless. Chickens have so much meat that you can even...

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Hello, I’m Myrah!

Myrah here! I’m a Latina, Florida based, mom to a super achiever, successful, soon to graduate NYU college girl and a super hyper hubby. Owner of Mamacita On The Move, formerly Coupon Mamacita, where I shared money-saving tips for over 8 lovely years. I also have a huge Hispanic community over at Mamacita La Cuponera. Looking for Media exposure? Email me at hello@MamacitaOnTheMove. Read more About Me Here.

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