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In the haste of preparing for a long-awaited vacation, people tend to forget about the many fun things to do on a long flight and actually enjoy them! Many of us have had to change our travel plans, but now some are ready to head out again. 

There’s nothing worse than settling in for a long flight across the ocean, especially if it’s a family Christmas vacation. The duration can go up to 16 hours or more and it can get really boring only to sit there wide-awake.

Fun Things to do on a Long Flight

To me, any flight that is over 3 hours is a long flight! It can very easily turn into an extremely long and boring experience, especially when one is flying solo.

Long flights don’t necessarily need to be a nightmare, we can make them fun and even productive! Getting creative before boarding your flight is always good.

Use your time wisely. Personally, I can sleep anywhere but I know many people can’t and struggle to sleep on the plane.

These boredom busters will have you looking forward to long flights and help you be prepared to use your time wisely.

It might be daunting to keep yourself entertained for longer durations with little creativity, but don’t need to stress as there a lot of things you can do while aboard.

Fun Things to do on a Long Flight

Fun Things to do on a Long Flight

Reading a book – Reading a book is a few people’s favorite activities as not everyone loves enjoying it.

In the tech-dominated era, you don’t need to carry those thick novels thanks to the splendor of smartphones and e-books where you can get thousands of books just with a click of a button.

You can indulge in reading a classical novel or read a business magazine. While reading a book, you may forget to check the time, as it is quite impressive.

 Fun Things to do on a Long Flight

If you don’t like inflight entertainment, you can download your favorite series on your iPad or laptop, provided the airlines allow you to carry your gadgets in your handbag.

Snap the sights – If photography is your passion, then there is nothing better than taking a few high snaps from the flight provided; you have a window seat. Flights are the perfect place to get that ideal Instagram pic.

You can get a beautiful click from above the clouds. It is an ideal way to get away with time.

Organize your trip – While you are busy packing and preparing for your trip, surely some last-minute things are left in the daily hustle-bustle of work.

Watch a good film or a show – It is one of the most prominent ways of getting entertained on a flight. You can go through several movie options offered in flight.

fun things to do on a long flight

You don’t need to stress as you have all the time in flight to organize the left out details while you are aboard. Planning will make your trip comfortable.

Get productive – Long flight is ideal for someone who relishes the free time on a plane to catch up on tasks. You can either read something or draft your pending emails.

It can be a dual deal as you can also pass your time and catch up on the incomplete task.

Finding fun things to do on a long flight can make a big difference in the overall results of your travel experience.

Learn the local language– If you plan a trip abroad where the citizens don’t speak your style, you should learn a few basic phrases before you land. It will be time to pass for you and a valuable task too.

 Fun Things to do on a Long FlightPhoto Credit: The Coffee Shop Trader

Sleep – Apps like the subscription-based Calm, which offer a free trial for the first 30 days, come preloaded with hundreds of guided meditations, music tracks, and sleep stories.

Other free apps like White Noise have everything from jungle tracks to the sound of the waves to put you in a Zen-like mindset. or choose a seat far from the lavatory. Bring noise-canceling headphones. eye mask and pillow.

Coloring Books for Adults – Colouring books for adults are super therapeutic and they aren’t just for kids. They help to cope with anxiety, which happens to many of us while flying.

Here are some of my favorites: Stress-relieving, Coloring Books for Adults: Relaxation, Married Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book.

Bring Your Own Food – Since I follow a Keto diet, staying on ketosis is important to me. I usually carry my snacks with me on board, and that’s something I enjoy! Here are some Keto travel hacks to stay on ketosis. Then when you get back home you can continue your daily routine to get back in shape.

Puzzle Book – Take a crossword or find a word puzzle. Perhaps even a find a word puzzle in a different language. I personally love sudoku (on phone or puzzle book).

Making sure not to have to change your travel plans is important.

 Fun Things to do on a Long Flight

Are you considering an international trip? If so, read on. The CDC has issued a COVID-19 order that may impact your plans for re-entering the United States.

What fun things to do on a long flight? Share with us in the comments.

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