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Changing your travel plans right now is probably on the top of your list of things to do if you had a trip planned. Amidst the current mysterious illness outbreak, many have decided to put aside their planned travel.

Everything going on right now aside, there will be times in life where you might be forced to change travel plans due to any number of issues. The question then becomes if changing your travel plans is the right thing to do.

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Is Changing Your Travel Plans the Right Thing to Do

Is changing your travel plans the right thing to do? It depends on your particular set of circumstances. Right now, there is no choice. Travel is basically shut down, however, there are certain things you need to ask yourself if a  problem arises in the future.

With a pandemic upon us, we’ve all had to cancel our travel plans for 2020. You’ve all seen my travel posts, but as someone with a family history of autoimmune disease, I had to cancel a few trips of my own even before the world went into lockdown. Here are 7 things to ask yourself before you cancel your travel plans in the event of a future health crisis.

1. Know the Facts

First and foremost, you need all the facts about what is going on in the world in order to make an informed choice about changing your trip. Go to credible websites like the CDC to read about what is happening currently, what is projected to happen in the future, and precautions that can be taken to protect yourself.

Knowing all the facts is the first and most important part of deciding if changing your trip is advised.

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2. Assess Your Health

It’s important to decide if you are healthy enough to travel when any sort of global virus is circulating. While our current situation is incredibly bad, there will be times when lesser outbreaks don’t require cancellation of plans, just extra vigilance. Assess your health went thinking about your trip.

Do you have any autoimmune issues? Are you an overall healthy person? Have you had any recent health scares?

All of these questions will better help you decide if changing your travel plans is the right decision to make. Weight the trip with the possible cost to your health and decide from there.

3. Think About Family and Friends

Even if you’re taking a solo trip, think about the overall health of family members that you will come into contact with after the trip. Remember, one of the key parts of any sort of pandemic isn’t just one individual getting sick, but how likely they are to spread it to others.

If you have young children or come into frequent contact with the elderly or immunocompromised, it’s probably better to cancel or reschedule your trip. You may be as healthy as an ox, but you could become a carrier who transmits something to a frail family member or friend.

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4. Consider the Importance of the Trip

Of course, all travel is dangerous if there is any sort of global health crisis. Just because it’s a less pronounced issue that the one we currently face doesn’t mean it doesn’t pose a real threat to you and your family.

Even if you, your family, and your friends are healthy individuals, it’s important to ask yourself how important your planned trip is. Is it an integral part of your business? Will it further your brand down the line, or is it strictly a vacation?

5. Think About the Expense

If you are healthy and your family and friends are healthy, then the next question should be one of expense. Of course, everyone should purchase travel insurance when planning a trip, but what if you didn’t?

How much cost will the non-trip cost you if you cancel? It’s an important consideration to take into account and a very personal one too.

In the event of a global health crisis that isn’t serious enough to warrant a shutdown in travel, you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of taking a trip carefully.

6. Consider Options Outside of Changing Your Travel Plans

If you decide that you can’t make the trip, consider other options besides outright canceling. You may be able to work with airlines, booking agents, and the like to reschedule your trip or flights.

Usually, in health crises like this, companies will work with you to reschedule. They’d rather keep your money, after all.

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7. Think About the Precautions You Can Take

If you determine that your trip is important enough to take the risk, the last step is making sure you know all the precautions you can take in order to protect your own health as well as those you may come into contact with.

There are several precautions that it’s important to take when traveling during any sort of world health crisis.

  • Wash your hands frequently for at least twenty seconds.
  • Use hand sanitizer after touching anything when you can’t wash your hands.
  • Wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant wipes before and after touching them.
  • Never touch your face.
  • Sneeze or cough into your elbow and always dispose of any tissue immediately after use.
  • Keep a distance of at least six feet between you and any other person.

Changing Your Travel Plans or Moving Forward – an Important Decision

Many are bored at home but the current pandemic has shown us just how easily sickness can spread when proper precautions aren’t taken, and it’s an extremely important lesson to carry with us in the future. Should another world health crisis emerge, it will be important to thoroughly assess all factors in determining if changing your travel plans is the right decision to make?

Should a trip be important enough that you can’t cancel, taking the necessary precautions can limit your exposure?

Take advantage of being home and make your bucket list a reality while you wait with a virtual trip!

Knowing what you know now, what precautions do you plan to take on future trips?

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