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For many, traveling often leads to cheating on their keto diet. Having a few keto travel hacks under your belt when not home, can certainly help you stay on ketosis and reach your weight goals.

Following a Keto diet while traveling can sometimes get tricky.

Most people are good at sticking to their diet in their own house. They struggle especially when they have to travel or leave at a different place than their home.

Keto can also be difficult to do while you are traveling for a long time. With so many temptations to carbohydrates and difficulty finding low-carb and high-fat options, it’s too much of a hassle to follow your keto efforts.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you travel while being on Keto. These things will make sure you continue with your diet even during constant moving. Here are some keto travel hacks to help you out.

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Plan in Advance – Always a Safe Card to Play

While traveling, what you can do best is plan out your meals in advance. Try to see if you can cook for yourself because that’s the best way to maintain your diet.

If that is not possible, try to find places that sell keto-friendly meals near where you will live during your travel time. Last year I went on a cruise and eating keto on a cruise was a breeze.

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Keto Travel Hacks – Pack your own snacks or meals

What else you can do is pack a lot of variety of food that you can eat while you are out.  You can also pack healthy snacks for in-between traveling. 

This is safe bait as you know what exactly you are putting in your body and you don’t have to stress about eating too much carb.

Intermittent Fasting is also one way to handle it

If you are trying to stay on ketosis, intermittent fasting will help a ton while you’re traveling. This would be one ideal keto hack that will save time and money!

Having to search for low carb meals, why not consider just having two big meals. For those catching early morning flights, grab a protein and fat-filled breakfast like eggs and bacon, then fast for the rest of the day until it’s dinner time.

A great way to not only will you experience deeper levels of ketosis with fasting, but it also helps you cut out all of the junk food and snacks that are often handed out on flights or at hotels. Besides, it helps with jet lag.

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Coffee definitely helps out in Keto

Anyways when you are out you might need a lot of energy. Coffee has lots of great health benefits that can help you to get rid of sleepiness as well as give you energy.

Coffee also enables you to feel less hungry while traveling thus putting a brake on eating unhealthy.

Being mentally strong is the key 

Be it inside your house or being out and about, it’s all about being determined to achieve something. 

If you can make up your mind that you will stick to your house, you will easily do it even outside. So all that matters is your determination to succeed.

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There you have it! Sticking to your keto diet while you’re traveling can be challenging.

Going on vacation and altering your routine, you are very likely to be often exposed to sugary snacks and processed carbohydrates, making the keto diet almost impossible to follow.

But with a little effort, traveling on keto is much easier than you think.

These are all the tips we have for you in this one. These will help you stay on track and focus on your diet goals while you are traveling. Hope these help you successfully complete your diet even while traveling and achieve your goals.

Are you considering an international trip? If so, read on. The CDC has issued a COVID-19 order that may impact your plans for re-entering the United States.

How about you? Have you tried any of the keto travel hacks that I mentioned in this blog post? Which ones?  Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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