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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Legoland, in exchange for my press coverage. All opinions are 100% my own.

Boy, do I wish those LEGO slippers were a thing when my son first developed his love of LEGO bricks!  I totally would have bought a few pairs and kept them stashed away!  While he was exploring his creativity, learning to follow visual directions, and using his imagination, I was the one stepping on the rogue bricks that managed to escape from his LEGO table.  Of course I didn’t mind because what could be better than the world he was creating with his LEGO?   

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Now as a tween, he still loves his LEGO but he also loves hitting the amusement parks, riding roller coasters, and enjoying the outdoors.  When LEGOLAND Florida first opened in 2011, it was a must to visit, and of course, as a family we loved it!  There was something for everyone and it was the perfect blend of rides and attractions for all ages, including an homage to Cypress Gardens, the botanical gardens and theme park where LEGOLAND now sits.  

Recently, my family had an opportunity to visit the park once again, but this time, we were able to stay at the brand new LEGOLAND Beach Retreat, their newest village-style resort directly across the street from LEGOLAND itself.  The style of this resort was totally up our alley!  We love any and everything beachy or nautical related and this resort did an amazing job bringing all those details together.



Upon our arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to see we didn’t even have to get out of the car to check in!  I think this is a great system, especially for families with small children or families that may be staying for an extended period of time and have a lot of luggage.  Check in was comparable to any other hotel check in, except the comfort of my passenger car window!  I also noticed that either the driver or the passenger could be the ones checking in…I thought this was incredibly smart on LEGOLAND’s part, considering that the driver may have their hands full and the passenger may be the one with the family’s itinerary on hand.  Way to go, LEGO!

WINTER HAVEN, FL -- February 8, 2017 -- The new bungalows and playground LEGOLAND Beach Retreat at LEGOLAND Florida Resort. (PHOTO / LOCK + LAND, Chip Litherland for LEGOLAND Florida Resort)

Photo Credit: Legoland


This resort is not a typical building with hotel rooms.  The property is made up of 83 bungalows, offering 166 separate rooms…so basically 2 rooms per bungalow. The property is also arranged into 13 different “coves” with a central playground for anywhere from 3-6 bungalows.  This is a great option for multiple families traveling together!  Let me add, they are completely private!  At first I was a little worried because, although separate, two families with kids in one bungalow could make for a pretty noisy bunch.  Nothing, not a peep!  We did not hear a single sound come from the family next door!  I have kids I know how it is…they make noise!  So either the kids next door were the quietest kids in the world or LEGO did an amazing job of soundproofing the walls between the separate rooms in the bungalows…If you ask me, I am going with the latter.  I thought this was a pretty astounding detail to take into consideration when they were developing the resort.  

WINTER HAVEN, FL -- August 12, 2016 -- LEGOLAND Beach Retreat at LEGOLAND Florida Resort. (PHOTO / LEGOLAND Florida Resort, Chip Litherland)

WINTER HAVEN, FL -- August 12, 2016 -- LEGOLAND Beach Retreat at LEGOLAND Florida Resort. (PHOTO / LEGOLAND Florida Resort, Chip Litherland)

WINTER HAVEN, FL -- August 12, 2016 -- LEGOLAND Beach Retreat at LEGOLAND Florida Resort. (PHOTO / LEGOLAND Florida Resort, Chip Litherland)


Let’s talk about the bungalows!  These are absolutely gorgeous!  The LEGO details are out of this world and we spent the better part of an hour just taking it all in.  The room itself is divided into the “adult” main sleeping room, and a separate, smaller room off to the side which is divided by a decked out LEGO privacy curtain. This smaller room has a bunk bed and a trundle bed, so perfect for families of 5.  The bathroom is also attached to the main room and we found it to be much larger than a typical hotel bathroom, also very cool and LEGO’d out!  Some of my favorite LEGO details around the bungalow were the crab, parrot, surfboard, and lights!  Those light fixtures sounded just like the nautical bell on a ship.



While the rooms were beyond great, we didn’t spend much time in them, because, to be honest, the pool area was calling our names!  It’s pretty funny…we have a pool at home, but we don’t spend as much time in it as we would like.  So when we go away on vacation, the pool is a place where we end up spending a ton of time:)  The pool at LEGOLAND Beach Retreat is perfect for adults and kids.  With plenty of lounge chairs to relax with a cold drink and a good book, this mom right here was totally in her element!  There was also a playground, extra large floating LEGO bricks, a volleyball court, and a bean bag toss.  The resort also hosts a nightly pool party with all types of fun activities so that everyone has a great time!



The pool is actually located at LEGOLAND Beach Retreat’s crowning glory, the 45-foot lighthouse!  I love that everything is all in one place because it makes it so easy to keep an eye on the family while checking out some of the resort amenities, such as Sandy’s Castle Restaurant, Brick’s Beach Bar, and Palm Tree Traders retail store…all conveniently located inside.  Another really cool LEGO detail is the giant sandcastle-themed LEGO building area, which is strategically placed right next to Brick’s Beach Bar…ahem…thank you LEGO!  Oh did I mention a stay at the resort includes breakfast at Sandy’s?  Well, this buffet is HUGE!  Plenty of typical HOT breakfast items to choose from, including a few vegan options, such as french toast sticks, oatmeal, fruit, and cereal!  Be sure to ask for almond milk…they keep it in the back and is available upon request:)




After a hearty breakfast, we checked out of the hotel and made our way to LEGOLAND.  P.S. Checkout is also via drive up window! #SuperConvenient We opted to drive to LEGOLAND directly since we were already checking out and heading home in a few hours.  The park is literally directly across the street from the resort, about ½ mile to be exact.  The resort does offer shuttle service which is also a huge convenience factor.  Just double check the shuttle schedule so you can schedule your day accordingly:)  

Since we on a pretty strict schedule ourselves, we decided to optimize our park time and hit the rides we really wanted to go on before heading home.  Of course, we had to visit LEGO Ninjago World, which is the newest theme park land at LEGOLAND Florida Resort.  LEGO Ninjago The Ride was really fun because it was 3D and interactive,  using ninja moves to blast fireballs, amongst other things, at 3D villains.  We spent the rest of our day on a rollercoaster mission, as we made our way to the Land of Adventure Coastersaurus, LEGO City Flying School, LEGO Kingdoms The Dragon, and the LEGO World of Chima Quest for Chi.



After our last ride, we made our way to the Fun Town Pizza & Pasta Buffet, which is a great option for vegans and vegetarians visiting the park and was perfect to fill everyone up before we hit the road and headed home.  Overall, we had a great time at both the new LEGOLAND Beach Retreat Resort and Theme Park!  It was the perfect getaway for a few days to spend time together as a family <3

More than 50 rides, shows and attractions inspired by the LEGO and DUPLO® brands await at LEGOLAND Florida Resort, including experiences based on “The LEGO Movie™,” LEGO NINJAGO, LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS™, LEGO City, LEGO Technic and LEGO Friends. Upcoming events included with park admission include including KIDZ BOP Weekend (April 28-30), LEGO® Star Wars™ Days (May 6-7 and 13-14) and LEGOLAND Knight Lights (select dates in July). For additional information go HERE!

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