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We all need routine in our life. From work to household duties, there’s something about having a routine in place to make your day run smoother. This holds true for your daily beauty needs and shopping routine. I’m excited to announce the new More to Explore thematic at Publix, with so many beauty product deals for your frugal lifestyle.

More to Explore at Publix for Frugal Shoppers

Many of us head to Publix for our regular items and in our own routine fashion, we go to the specific aisles that are on our agenda for our shopping trip. The thing is, there’s more to explore at Publix to include their personal care items for your beauty shopping needs. Did you know that Publix offers a wide range of Unilever products that can help you save money on your beauty product shopping needs? While I’m not asking you to ditch your shopping routine, I’m merely asking that you spend a little time in the personal care aisle at Publix the next time you shop.

More to Explore at Publix for Frugal Shoppers

Personal Care Savings at Publix

The personal care aisle at Publix offers the same personal care products you expect from the Unilever brand but at a price, you’d anticipate receiving from Publix. I’m inviting you to check out the More to Explore thematic at Publix for your personal care needs. Some of the everyday personal care items that you can purchase in the personal care aisle at Publix are:

  • Dove Volume and Fullness Shampoo
  • Vaseline Clinical Care™ Aging Skin Rescue Lotion
  • Nexxus Color Assurance Shampoo
  • Dove Men+Care Active Fresh Sport Body & Face Wash

More to Explore at Publix for Frugal Shoppers

More to Explore at Publix for Frugal Shoppers

Weekly Savings Flyer Deals from Publix

What’s even better about getting your personal care products at Publix is that they offer tremendous savings for the frugal shopper. This week’s Publix flyer includes the following savings on personal care items:

  • $2.00 off ON ANY TWO (2) Dove Hair 3.3 – 20.4 oz., Dove Body Wash or Body Polish 10.5– 34 oz.
  • $3.00 off ON ANY TWO (2) Dove Men+Care Hair products 13.5 oz. or Body Wash 13.5 –23.5 oz.
  • $1.00 off Any One (1) Vaseline® 6.8 – 24.5 oz. or St. Ives® Lotion 21 oz.
  • $1.50 off Any One (1) Degree® Men or Women Deodorant 1.7 – 6 oz.
  • $2.00 off ON ANY TWO (2) AXE Deodorant 2.7 – 4 oz. or AXE Hair Care 2.64 – 16 oz.

The above deals at Publix are valid 1/26/19 – 2/8/19 and can be found in the weekly savings flyer from Publix.

More to Explore at Publix

As you can see there is more to Publix than meets the eye. I invite you to check out Publix More to Explore Facebook Page and to check out their personal care aisle the next time you head to shop at Publix.

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