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Disclosure: I received a 2013 Ford Escape for a 7-day test drive to facilitate this review. However, all opinions are 100% my own.Mamacita On The Move

The 2013 Ford Escape is Nice!

The 2013 Ford Escape! is GORGEOUS! You read my car reviews before and this new 2013 Ford Escape is another great vehicke. I had the privilege of buzzing around town in for one week.  Pretty neat, huh? Check out this video!

There it is!  Isn’t she GORGEOUS?  That’s the new 2013 Ford Escape I had the privilege of buzzing around town in for one week.  Pretty neat, huh? I’ve been wanting a new car as my “old reliable” just celebrated her 10th birthday.  Don’t get me wrong… I love my car but after driving a BRAND NEW CAR I am capable of loving another.

The 2013 Ford Escape has all the peppiness of a small, sporty car with the comfort of a larger sedan.  And this baby had all the bells and whistles!

2013 Ford Escape Family-Friendly Car

So, if you are car hunting and considering buying a family-friendly, luxury car without the luxury price tag, PLUS LOTS of room,  SMOOTH RIDE…….then you must consider the 2013 Ford Escape!  Some of my favorite features of the 2013 Ford Escape are:

No hands to open the trunk because of all the FREE grocery bags from all that couponing?  Give it a kick! LOVED IT! Great for moms on the go who are carrying the kiddos, the stroller, the bags, etc. etc.

2013 White FORD ESCAPE glass rooftop

Oh, the LARGE, LARGE sunroof! Of course, Ford doesn’t call it sunroof, they have a more sophisticated name (and I don’t blame them!) Panoramic Vista Roof™, which brings in all that Florida sunshine from both the front and rear seats. WOW!

2013 Ford Escape steering wheel

The dashboard is impressive! With all types of goodies, such as THREE plugs for my iPad, laptop, iPhone, iTouch you name it.  AND MY MOST FAVORITE of all the FAVORITES:  “the Button”!

2013 Ford Escape engine button
If you carry a HUGE purse like I do and have to DIG to find your keys, don’t worry! NOT A PROBLEM! As long as you know that your keys are somewhere inside the car, simply push the ignition button to start and stop (no keys YES!).  The car starts like magic. OMG!

Handsfree Phone

Are you a talker? Handsfree phone to the rescue! You program your phone and talk from the speaker plus all your contacts are there!  Just touch and call OR tell the onboard computer to call for you!   ***P R I C E L E S S***

Need to change the radio station?  Just press the button on the steering wheel and tell the onboard computer to change it for you!

2013 Ford Escape steering wheel logo

I was fortunate to have driven a  model with an EcoBoost®engine.  Wow! Talk about saving on gas! It is the best-in-class automatic highway fuel economy, and when it comes to saving money, YOU KNOW I’m there! I was surprised how well it rode for having a small engine.

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