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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by the West Volusia Tourism Bureau. However, typos, misspelled words and opinions are 100% mine

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When I found out that this year’s Nicheparent 2014 social media conference, would be in Orlando I JUMPED! I’ve been to many conferences, and I can say without question that this one really raised the bar. They venue was excellent. I learned a lot of new ways to enhance my blog and my life, and I met some great people, as well.

Nicheparent 2014 – The Social Media Conference of my Life

Let’s see. How can I adequately describe the experience I had at the Nicheparent 2014 conference? In a word, it was epic. To begin with, I didn’t have to take a plane or drive cross-country. This was the first social media conference I’ve been to that was right in my own backyard and near West Volusia! Seriously location, location! I literally live a half an hour away from the venue! And, oh yeah. The venue was Disney. Yay!

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Just a Few of the Great Things about the NicheParent14 Social Media Conference

Family Friendly

This is one of the few conferences out there that is totally family friendly. The entire conference took place at Disney, and kids were not only allowed, they were welcomed. There’s no place on earth more family friendly than Disney. Our first dinner at the conference was at Animal Kingdom, the largest theme park, at more than 500 acres! It was such a blast to enjoy an incredible meal in incredible surroundings with incredible people. They even had great, family friendly activities that those with kids could do. In addition to that, all attendees got FREE Disney tickets.

A Multicultural Experience

The Nicheparent14 social media conference is one of the most diverse conferences I’ve ever been to. I met some fellow Latina bloggers, as well as other bloggers from across the cultural spectrum. It was wonderful to talk with these amazing women and get their perspectives on life, family, parenting, and blogging.

Transformitive Information

The thing I love so much about the Nicheparent social media conference is that it’s more than just a get together for bloggers. The information they provide is some of the best out there. I learned new ways to enhance my blog, my reach, and my presence without succumbing to the very real temptation of selling out. I really love these guys and what they do for us.

I Got to Test Drive Chevrolet’s New Cars!

Chevrolet was a part of the Nicheparent14 social media conference, and we got to test drive their new cars! It was amazing! The new 2015 Suburban is gorgeous! Let me tell you, when I sat in those cars, I could feel the power and luxury. It was fantastic.

The Nicheparent Social Media Conference – You Need to Go!

If you’re a blogger, you need to go to the Nicheparent Social Media conference. It’s an absolutely invaluable resource. The people you meet, the information you learn, and the connections you make are all lifelong. There’s really no better feeling than connecting with your fellow bloggers and knowing that what you learned will only serve to make you better as a blogger and as a person.



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