Fix bad hair days with the right style tricks and hair products. Don’t let a bad hair day affect your mood because it is easily fixed. Learn how to treat common hair issues and how to prevent bad hair days.

During these days of quarantine, bad hair days are getting out of control in my household! People thought I was blonde… now they know the secret! 🙁

Bad Hair Days Issues and Remedies

There we are trying to up our style with these fashionable cardigans for that Zoom meeting and our hair isn’t cooperating. The following common hair issues are of the reasons for a bad hair day. Find out how to fix them and save the day!

Lady blowing hair on bad hair days

Flat hair

When hair is fine and prone to looking flat, there are days when it may not hold any volume. Try a volumizing hair styling product to refresh a hairdo that has gone flat.

For long hair that needs a quick volume fix, bend from the waist and brush hair upside down with a natural bristle brush for a few moments before styling.

You can also substitute the brush with a wide-tooth comb. Your hair is flat because it is starting to get a little greasy and you don’t have time to wash it?

Spray hair with water to refresh it to remove some of the excess oils or brush in a small amount of baby powder to absorb oils.

Dull, lackluster appearance

Hair may be dull because of damage or dryness. Some hair types are less shiny and have more of a sheen. To add shine to hair, spread a small amount of a silicone serum product or natural oil like coconut oil throughout the hair.

If the hair lacks shine due to dryness, consider using a moisturizing cream leave-in conditioner daily.


Static effects hair when the air is dry. Static hair means dry hair and adding moisture is the best remedy. Spray the hair with water and apply a little leave-in conditioner to the hair.

(You can also use a tiny amount of your rinse-out conditioner in place of a leave-in conditioner.) Seal the conditioner into the hair with natural oil or butter like shea butter.

Lady with Frizzy bad hair day


When I think of frizzy hair, I remember Gilda Radner of SNL! Frizz can occur for a number of reasons, including humidity, dryness, or combing out curls.

When frizz happens, spray hair with a mixture of water and conditioner to remoisturize hair and seal the cuticle. For drier hair, follow the conditioner spray with natural oil, such as jojoba oil to lock in the moisture. Restyle hair as desired.

Growing out

Growing out a haircut or a perm can sometimes create awkward hair moments. Hair accessories like headbands, decorative hairpins, or barrettes can help you create cute hairdos when dealing with growing out layers or bangs.

Using two different types of hair products on processed hair and new hair growth may be necessary when growing out a perm, such as using a heavier conditioner on damaged hair and a lighter one on new hair growth.

Two-tone hair and roots

When you are due to recolor your hair and the roots are coming in, you may be able to camouflage two-tone hair by using hairclips to twist sections of hair to hide your part and wearing face-framing bangs to conceal the hairline.

Blonde hair Lady with cowlick bad hair day
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Every time I see someone with a cowlick, it reminds me of Alfalfa of “The Little Rascals.” Some days no matter what you do there are cowlicks or strands of hair that don’t lay right.

Dampen the affected strands with a little water and apply a styling gel or pomade to put hair in place. It may sometimes be necessary to use hair accessories, such as clips or barrettes, to keep a cowlick from sticking up.

Prevent Bad Hair Days by Keeping Hair Healthy

The ultimate way to fix bad hair days is to prevent them. Having healthy hair is the best prevention.

The following tips can help keep hair healthy and looking good:

Lady with orange dress long hair on bad hair day

Keep hair moisturized

Do not overwash hair. Wash hair no more than every other day. Dryer hair should be washed only once or twice a week. Use gentle sulfate-free shampoos and always follow every wash with conditioner.

Use the right hair products

Make sure that your products are properly cleansing and moisturizing your hair.

Dry, damaged or chemically processed hair should use rich conditioners with emollient ingredients such as cetyl alcohol and glycerin, and mild shampoos without sodium lauryl sulfate or aluminum lauryl sulfate.

Fine hair needs a lighter conditioner and can benefit from protein treatments as well as cassia conditioning.
Lady with gorgeous hair updo on bad hair day

Style hair to the occasion

Style hair for your environment or activity so that the hairdo lasts all day. If you are going to be in a windy area or riding in a convertible, wear a scarf over your hair in the wind to preserve the hairstyle, or wear hair in an updo or ponytail style.

The Ballerina Bun for a Bad Hair Day 

The Ballerina bun is one of my favorite alternative to a bad hair day! Super versatile and so easy to do, especially if humidity is a problem.

There are several ways of doing this by using a doughnut ring or similar. This version by Beauty is ideal. Check it out.

Refresh your hairstyle during the day

Refresh your hairdo in the middle of the day or before going out in the evening. Keep a comb or brush handy and a hair accessory if the hairdo isn’t lasting.

Some hairstyles, such as a curly one, may require spraying water and a leave-in conditioner or adding additional styling products to revive the hairdo.

It is possible to look good on bad hair days and prevent them from happening with the right styling techniques and good hair care.

How about you? Have you had any of these bad hair days that I mentioned in this blog post? Which ones?  Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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