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Affordable tiny houses are a great, a cost-effective way to find travel accommodations. These days, many people are opting out of staying in huge, overdone hotels. With climate change more and more of a reality, people are becoming cognizant of their carbon footprint and how it affects the world. Rather than going over the top, people are now opting for a more luxurious form of camping. Glamping, as it’s aptly named, combines posh comfort with getting closer to nature.

Tiny houses under $100 per night

Renting affordable tiny houses while traveling saves money and reduces the number of resources used by travelers while on their adventures. It’s an excellent way to be kind to the environment, kind to your wallet, and get back to nature without the “roughing it” aspect. So let’s look at some tiny houses and why they are such a great option.

Affordable Tiny Houses Around the Globe

Whether you’re traveling around the US or taking a trip overseas, there are tiny houses available in all sorts of places. Their small footprint makes for a cozy living situation, reduced carbon footprint, and a much cheaper price tag for your stay. These homes have looks that range from ultra-modern box-like structures to tiny cozy cottage looks, making them the perfect option for almost every traveler.

Eco-Friendly Tiny House – Palawan, Philippines 

Affordable Tiny Houses in Palawan, Philippines

Pet-Friendly Lushna Petite Rental on a Potato Farm – Essex, England

Affordable Tiny Houses Pet-Friendly on a Potato Farm - Essex, England

Eco-Friendly Tiny House with Adriatic Sea Views – Boka Bay, Montenegro 

Affordable Tiny Houses with Adriatic Sea Views - Boka Bay, Montenegro 

Secluded Tiny House – Paihia, North Island, New Zealand

Affordable Tiny houses in Paihia, North Island, New Zealand

Cozy Forest Vacation Tiny House – Sherwood, Oregon, USA 

Affordable tiny houses in Sherwood, Oregon, USA 

Romantic Winery Cottage – Texas Hill Country

Affordable Tiny houses in Romantic Winery Cottage - Texas Hill Country

Tiny House Dude Ranch Glamping Getaway – Las Vegas, Nevada

Affordable Tiny houses for Glamping Getaway in Las Vegas, Nevada

Secluded Farm Tiny House – Johnson City, Texas

Affordable Tiny Houses in Secluded Johnson City, Texas

Tiny Houses – The New Travel Option from Glamping Hub

From beach access and lake views to secluded, wooded areas, you can find affordable tiny houses for rent almost anywhere. Tiny houses have become the new way to travel for the socially, eco, and financially-minded traveler. With so many options in so many places, finding affordable tiny houses when planning a trip has gone from difficult to relatively easy, and more are popping up all the time.

No matter what style you want or where you’re going, chances are you’ll find a house for you with Glamping Hub. They offer a huge selection of affordable tiny houses across the globe. This online booking platform offers a variety of unique outdoor options such as tree houses, yurts, shipping containers, igloos, and more. With so many varieties and locations, you’re sure to find the right accommodations for your trip. If you’re planning a trip, consider tiny houses through Glamping Hub for an affordable and, frankly, super cute option for your next adventure.

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