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I am really excited to share my interview with Trinh Tran, the executive producer of Avengers Infinity War. The interview took place at  Madame Tussauds Hollywood, where they just unveiled their new Marvel Super Heroes exhibit. The really awesome thing about the exhibit is that it features all of my favorite Marvel Super Heroes in one place, sort of like the Avengers Infinity War movie that released on April 27, 2018.

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Photo credit: Louise Manning Bishop of Momstart.com

One of the awesome things about sharing some information about Trinh Tran is that she worked hard to go from an assistant to the executive producer of this film. Starting off as someone’s assistant, she found herself involved with the Marvel franchise and knew this was where she had to be.  “The marvel franchise nurtured me and other women in the industry to be successful.” Trinh has shown us that we can do anything that we set our minds to. This interview was an honor for sure.

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Photo credit: Louise Manning Bishop of Momstart.com

We asked Trinh Tran what Thanos represents to which she answered:

“Thanos represents the debate on the norms of society”.  I hope the message of this film is NOT that the bad guys always win, but that YOU can overcome anything. Even if the outcome isn’t ideal – there are STILL superheroes.”

As a forewarning, there may be some spoilers below, so if you haven’t seen Avengers Infinity War yet, you may want to watch it before reading some of the interview questions and answers.

Question: A lot of people had nasty, angry responses to the outcome of Avengers: Infinity War. What has been the most bizarre or memorable fan reaction that you have witnessed?

Trinh explained that it was difficult to stay quiet about the ending of this film. For so long, they had to keep the ending hush-hush. She shared that it’s still difficult to discuss this film out loud, but realizes that she can talk about it in public now. Trinh feels for the fans who had something happen to one of their favorite Marvel heroes and can understand why having the bad guys win would make people be upset. The end result though, is that the bad guys one and that was a total shocker. Trinh can understand why having the bad guys win at the end of Avengers Infinity War shocked fans. The most bizarre part of this was that Trinh was able to see the ending as it resulted with the bad guys winning but everyone seemed to embrace it and be okay with it.

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Question: Talk a little bit about your role and day to day responsibilities when you’re producing a film.

Being in Atlanta for a year and a half working on this film was the longest time Trinh had ever been away from LA. She discussed how she enjoyed being a part of this from beginning to end. Sitting in the story room with Joe, Anthony, Steven, and Chris, our writers was a fun experience. We tossed our ideas around and brainstormed to put the film storyline together. It was wonderful being a part of the creative process of Avengers Infinity War.

Trinh went on to share that she was on the set every day making sure that Marvel’s vision was there, and that the stories they wanted to tell were being told. She was there every day being a part of the entire process from brainstorming to being in editorial every day and night, including holidays. The most exciting part was being there and being a part of it every day. The last day when it was all done and we called it a wrap, we had a big cake and while it was wonderful, Joe and Trinh had to rush out to catch an early morning editorial call. The process was time-consuming but well worth it and Trinh was happy to have been a part of every step in the creation of Avengers Infinity War.

Question: What are your feelings now that it’s all wrapped up?

Trinh felt it was sort of weird to have a weekend to do nothing, after such long days of producing Avengers Infinity War. Once the film was wrapped up, she said she was able to have a full weekend at home to relax with family and friends. She tried to adjust back to the normal life of day to day living and then had to start it all over again. The film industry makes it difficult to balance work and life, but Trinh said she enjoys being in the film industry.

Trinh ended the interview by saying, “I wanna do what I’m passionate about and work hard at it.” This is so true to each of us and I know that Trinh’s story from assistant to the executive producer will inspire others to follow whatever their passion is in life. Thank you, Trinh Tran.

Also during this interview, we had the opportunity to experience Madame Tussauds! OMG!  These amazing wax figures make you feel as they are THERE WITH you! They do such a great job in making these wax replicas! We even got to make our VERY OWN Infinity Gauntlet! It’s definitely a place you want to visit when in Los Angeles! Here are some:

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We had such a great, unforgettable time! Remember to get the new Avengers: Infinity War Blu Ray with some cool bonus features, in stores on August 14th!

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Photo credit: Louise Manning Bishop of Momstart.com

Disclosure: This post is part of my all expense paid trip to Los Angeles, CA provided by Disney, in exchange for coverage. However, opinions are 100% mine.

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