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Being comfortable is super important to me when I’m at home. When I go out, I have to wear heels and dresses that might not feel the best on me even when they look great on me. When I’m home, though, it’s a completely different story. Being at home is the place where being comfortable should always be a top priority. 

Being Comfortable Just Got Real

Today, we’re all living in a world where we have to be at home. There’s no other option. Instead of being upset that I’m not able to go places, I’ve decided to embrace it. I’m embracing no more heels for a while. I’m welcoming wearing clothes that feel so comfy and cozy. I’m making being a comfortable part of my DNA. If I have to be at home, I’m going to make the most of it. 

Mamacita On The Move

While events make my blog splashy, they’re not where the real work happens. That happens right here on my computer. It happens when I edit my photos and give my post a final once over to be sure everything is the way I want it to be. So while a lot may have changed, a lot is the same. Because being comfortable is so important to me, I’m making sure that I feel good both inside and out, and I have some tips to help you be as comfortable as possible, too.

Tips to Stay Comfortable in Mind and Body While at Home

Besides staying busy and doing things you are happy with (like gardening!) it’s important to remember that being comfortable is more than just cozy clothing, although that’s a biggie for me. Comfort is also feeling good in your heart and in your body. My tips today will help you find comfort in your clothing, your body, and your spirit.

Drink Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is so important to your health. The human body is over 70% water, so the more hydrated we are, the better our bodies work. When our bodies are functioning at their best, we feel better, so drink that water and keep up with those healthy eating habits.

Eat Healthily

With ever restaurant offering delivery options now, it can be tempting to just order in all the time. This is not the path to being comfy. Don’t live off of fast food or rich foods. Instead, eat your fruits and veggies and choose lean protein. It will help keep you feeling energized and more focused. Plus, we all know that overeating is NOT comfortable. At. All.

Mamacita On The Move


Daily meditation in the morning is a great way to take being comfortable to the next level. These are scary times, and meditation can help us keep our minds clear and focused. Just about the most uncomfortable feeling in the world is having a mind full of stress and worry. Take 10 to 15 minutes every morning to meditate or pray or just be still. Calm your mind so you can be more comfortable in spirit.

Mamacita On The Move

More Family Time

I find comfort in my family, so while we’re all stuck here together, I’m making the most of it. Of course, we have to give each other our space so we don’t drive each other crazy, however, we’re also having more family meals and game time. It’s great bonding, and it makes the heart so happy to spend more time with loved ones.

Wear Comfy Clothes

One thing that really makes being comfortable easier is comfy, cozy clothing. Pull out those favorite PJs. Wear those leggings. Live in sweats. Why not? You’re not going anywhere. While you’re getting your cozy wardrobe in place, why not find some new pieces to make being comfortable both cozy and stylish? 

If ever there was a time to make being comfortable a priority it’s now, and you know I’m all about a sale. That’s why I’m loving this romper. Super comfy and totally adorable!

Mamacita On The Move

The Plum Pretty Sugar off the Shoulder Petaled Romper is a dream in a huge floral pattern that the best of comfy and adorable.

Mamacita On The Move

The Jenni Lace-Up Hoodie & Pants set is like wearing a cloud! It comes in tie-dye or leopard print. Sassy. 

Mamacita On The Move

Nike’s Yoga Women’s’ Dri-FIT cutout leggings have that snug comfort I love about leggings with a simple design and a cute cutout accent at the calf. 

Mamacita On The Move

Like sweats, but classier, the 32 Degrees funnel neck top is super soft and drapey. It’s also not too warm, even though it has long sleeves.
Mamacita On The Move

The Nike Yoga Women’s Dri-FIT racerback jumpsuit is a super soft jersey jumpsuit that feels like wearing the softest full-body tee shirt. 

Mamacita On The Move

The Jenni super-soft ribbed pajama tee shirt is everything we all love about sleeping in a tee-shirt taken to its perfect form. It’s so soft and cuddly. 

Mamacita On The Move

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