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The month of March is a great time to do some gardening in Central Florida. Coincidentally, many of us have had to stay home during the virus outbreak, making Gardening a relaxing thing to do especially in the Springtime. If you’re a plant lover, you will agree that It means you love planting trees and gardening, which is indeed an exciting hobby.

If you live in Central Florida, you’re lucky! There’s nothing like having homegrown vegetables right at your back door, This part of the state enjoys a humid subtropical climate with hot summer and cool winters. Of course, this excellent weather makes the Central Florida region an ideal place for gardening.

March is the last cool month in Central Florida and it’s a great time to grow vegetables. Crops like watermelon, tomato, sweet corn, cucumber, and some beans. For the best results, I recommend selecting varieties recommended for Florida weather.

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Since there’s no shortage of sun and rain in Central Florida, you’ve got a long plantation season to start a garden. Also, there’s no restriction as to what you want to grow. But when should you start gardening in Central Florida? Or do you know the best gardening season? Or are you aware of what to plant? Never mind!

In this article, you’ll learn about the tips to start a garden in Central Florida. So, let’s get useful information about Gardening in the sunny region of Central Florida. 

Environmental Conditions and challenges

Knowing your Zone is the first step, as all climates are not the same. Having lean environmental conditions and challenges is something you need to keep in mind. Not sure which zone you live in? GO HERE.

  • Orlando, Lake Wales, and Tampa are the best gardening areas.  
  • January and February are months when this region experiences frosts and freezes.
  • The temperature remains between 25 degrees to 40 degrees. 
  • May to October is the rainy season. 

An important detail to keep in mind is that the days to harvest depends on the quality of your soil. Vegetables can take longer to ripen depending on your time zone. Also, the days to harvest depends on when your seed germinates, and not when you plant your seed.


When and what to plant?

Best time for Gardening in Central Florida: The main growing seasons ideally for gardening are either Fall or the Spring season. Plants like Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale, and others grow well during the Fall season. However, if you want to grow Cantaloupe, Corn, Okra, and others, spring is the ideal season. Wouldn’t it be great to make all your heart-healthy recipes with your own grown veggies

Therefore, it is crucial to keep a tap on the season and then plan what to plant. In case you are fond of flower gardening, fall is the ideal time for that. Impatiens, Petunias, Geraniums, and others are the popular flowering plant that grows best during this season. 

Gardening in Central Florida: Proven Gardening Tips

  • Ensure that your gardening area is getting enough sunlight, especially if it’s a vegetable garden. 
  • The soil you’ll find in Central Florida varies from clay-like to sandy, which is naturally not ideal for plantation. You’ve to improve its quality by adding fertilizers and organic material like compost for getting better results.
  • Wear a mask to avoid getting dust through your nose.
  • Check the plants regularly to ensure they’re free from pests.
  • Use organic fertilizers.

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Flowers that will bloom your garden

Gardening in Central Florida is not always the ideal location for all plants, flowers or vegetables. Not all flowers will bloom, so knowing which ones will, will certainly make a huge difference. Plant them according to this list:

  • January to March: Snapdragon, Viola, dusty miller.
  • April to June: Caladiums, Calla lilies, Rosemary, and Coleus.
  • July to Sep: Azaleas, bay laurel, and salvia.
  • October to Dec: Plumbago, Pentas, and Flowering Kale

Are you ready to start a garden?

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