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This post has been compensated by Van’s International Foods. All opinions are mine alone. 

Big Savings on Van's® Foods at Publix

Van’s® Foods is a name that’s readily known to anyone who shops at Publix. Their food products are always super high quality and they have some incredibly nutrient-dense options. In honor of Celiac Awareness Month in May, I wanted to share one product in particular from Van’s® Foods as well as clue you in on a great deal going on right now at Publix!

Van’s® Gluten Free Totally Original Waffles

One of the best products in Van’s line, in my opinion, is their Van’s Gluten Free Totally Original Waffles. I have a couple of close friends who have to be gluten-free, and it really is hard on them. Gluten is a protein found in products that have wheat, which means things like bread, pasta, lots of cereals, and, of course, waffles are right out the window for anyone who can’t have gluten in their diet.

That’s why I love these gluten-free waffles from Van’s. They let people who have to avoid gluten enjoy one of life’s most wonderful gifts: waffles. They’re super tasty, too. I went out and snagged a box, and I loved them. They’re delicious. Now that you know these exist, it’s time to save!

Big Savings on Van's® Foods at Publix

$2 off any 2 Van’s Foods Products at Publix

And now we get to what we all love. The savings! Right now, you can save $2 off any 2 Van’s Foods products at Publix! That’s a great deal, so it’s a great time to stock up. I know I’ll be filling my cart with their products. Great quality, and at $2 off, it’s the right time to make sure I have everything I want.

Big Savings on Van's® Foods at Publix

Big Savings on Van's® Foods at Publix

Head over to the Publix Savings page to see this $2 deal as well as a ton of other offers from the store we all know and love!


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