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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Verizon.

Caring for yourself is not always something we can do.  One of my wants, as I continue to age in life, is to live independently in my own home for as long as possible.

Even though I am not a senior yet (but we need to think ahead of the game!), and while I think that assisted living and senior living homes are wonderful, I find comfort in being in my own home surrounded by everything that I love.

If I have the option to be home, I will want to choose that choice over and over again. 

But the truth of the matter is, the older I get, the more that I know I’ll have family and friends that will worry about me as I age.

Caring For Yourself with Care Smart watch

Many worries have disappeared when I was recently introduced to Verizon’s NEW Care Smart smartwatch. It’s one of the coolest ways for seniors to still function independently while giving their caregivers peace of mind.

Caring For Yourself! Verizon’s Care Smart Watch is Peace of Mind

What I love most about the Verizon smartwatch is that it’s something that is no trouble to remember wearing every single day. And while it’s a typical watch in every way, it also does so much more than that.

Simple Set up

So you’ve read about mobile apps for baby boomers, well, the setup of the watch is quite simple and can be done via Verizon’s Care Smart app. Simply download it and set up your account, that easy!

You will receive a telephone# for your watch and you do not need to have an account with Verizon to get this amazing watch!


There’s no need to have to take this watch off at all since it’s waterproof and made to last. This means that the watch will remain on my wrist just in case I need help at any point in time. 

Location Tracking

It’s no secret that I have family and friends that worry. So if there ever comes a time when I’ve wandered off somewhere and they don’t know where to find me, they can easily track me based upon the location of my watch. 

Voice and Text Communication

If you’re anything like me, there are days when you just can’t find your phone. But with the smartwatch, it’s literally going to be attached to my wrist.

And with the use of a companion app, it can easily be used to communicate with anyone and everyone that I need to. 

Caring For Yourself with Care Smart watch


The reminders feature is such a nice feature on this watch. I can set reminders for doctor appointments, times to take medicine when to pay bills…and the list can go on and on. 

GPS alerts

I don’t consider myself a rule-breaker, but if there are places that I shouldn’t be going or just aren’t safe, there can actually be GPS boundary alerts set on the watch. Notifying loved ones that I’ve ventured out and about a little further than they’re comfortable with, is vital.

caring for yourself

One-touch check-in

There are days when I don’t feel like having super long conversations with people so I love the fact that this watch has the option for a One-touch check-in. With a simple tap, I can let all my contacts know that I’m safe, happy, and healthy. 

No matter if this smartwatch is going to be used for you, or your elderly parents, or just as a gift to someone else in your life that you want to help take care of while still giving space, this is a great way to allow a bit of independence while still ensuring their safety, too. 

Care Smart Watch: $149.99
  • Monthly connected (existing customers) $10 x month
  • Monthly standalone (new customers) $15 x month
Special Promo from now thru 12/31: Get $50 off Care Smartwatch with any smartphone purchase.

Caring for yourself is important, so make certain to grab this smartwatch while you can! It’s a great way to provide assistance to someone you love, without making them look or feel like they’re actually needing the help!

Shower them with love and give them some safety and protection as well! (plus peace of mind for you!) 

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