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Disclosure: This post is part sponsored by Fathom Travel, in exchange for my press coverage. All opinions are 100% my own.

A Fathom Cruise is a different kind of cruising experience. It’s not just about kicking back and relaxing – although there will be lots of downtimes. Instead, a Fathom Cruise is about giving to yourself and to others. That’s because these cruises are all about doing good while you enjoy a break from your everyday life.

This is the first in a 2 part blog series on my experience with this unique cruise. Today, I’ll be talking about the Adonia cruise ship itself and its accommodations, and in the next post, I’ll talk about the excursions I took on my own (even though Fathom offers some) and how I and my family were able to give back to some deserving communities in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

Fathom Cruise – It’s a Real Cruise

One thing a lot of people asked me when I told them I was going on a Fathom Cruise was if it was a legit cruise. I guess they thought that since one of the objectives was to do humanitarian work while on the cruise that the ship itself would be lacking in some way. Not at all!

While the Fathom ship is a bit smaller than other cruise ships in the fleet, it is by no means a dinghy. This cruise ship features everything that I’ve ever experienced on any other ship.

The Fathom Cruise ship features fine dining, drinks, entertainment, a pool, and more. With a 700 person capacity, it combines the full features of a cruise ship with an intensely personal, community feel, which I think is so much fun.

The Full Cruise Experience – Mostly

It’s a full-on cruise experience while you’re on the ship – with a couple of notable exceptions. Because this cruise is geared more towards doing social good on extended excursions, there’s not a ton of activities for the kids other than the pool and a library. However, the friendly staff and the existing amenities more than makeup for the lack of “kid” activities. In fact, I saw several younger people thoroughly enjoying themselves on our cruise.

And speaking of seeing… My family had the incredible fortune of getting a balcony room. We were able to sit and relax while we took in the passing geography of the area and watched fish, sharks, and other sea life and as we made our way into Amber Cove. It was absolutely beautiful.

Fathom Cruise – A Wonderful Getaway

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed the entirety of our Fathom Cruise experience. We enjoyed it so much, I wanted to give each aspect of the cruise experience its due. So today, I hope you enjoyed learning a little about the cruise ship itself and its accommodations.

Next time, I’ll be talking about the social good that we had the opportunity to participate in on our Fathom Cruise to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.


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