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Disclosure: I was invited to the 2017 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. I paid a conference fee to attend and received discounted & complimentary items from Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, and their sponsors.  All opinions are 100% mine.

When most of us think Disney Cruises, we think kids! There are so many Magical Ways Adults Can Enjoy Disney Cruises.

The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration we were part of, was one Disney Cruise experience! Not only did we get to enjoy the conference at Walt Disney World Parks, but we were also treated to a 3-day Bahama cruise on the Disney ship Wonder!

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5 Magical Ways Adults Can Enjoy Disney Cruises

‘m so happy we had this opportunity since this was our first Disney Cruise! Another bucket list destination accomplished! However, we did miss our daughter who wasn’t able to make; another of the many reasons to take another Disney cruise!

Man in the beach

The day is here and we are headed to Port Canaveral on Disney’s magical express motorcoach to sail to Castaway Bay on the Disney Wonder!

Disney cruises aren’t just for kids. Of course, these cruises are heavy on pixie dust and all the kid-centric activities that entail; but we got to experience that they are also perfect for adults who want a bit of magic in their getaway, as well.

Disney Cruises have not forgotten the grownups, I promise!  There are some excellent adults-only features an excursion on these cruises for the kid-free or in our case, empty nesters.

Adults Only Fun on Disney Cruises

Our day at sea was filled with fun! Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, was a day-long opportunity for sun and water fun. Once we left the ship, we boarded a cool tram that dropped us off at different drop-off stations.

Along the way, we enjoyed the beautiful white sand and clear, blue waters. You may not realize this, but adults don’t have to have kids to love Disney.

I have several kid-free friends who love Disney. So it only stands to reason that some adults might want to experience the magic of Disney on the open sea.

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That being said, just because you have a child’s spirit of fun and adventure doesn’t mean you want to be around kids all day every day on your vacation.

Disney cruises were made for families, but not all families have kids – or at least not with them like us empty nesters.

For the kid-free, there’s a ton of great adults-only things to do on Disney Cruises, and they’re all geared towards adult fun with a magical twist, of course….. the Disney way!


Among the many things that impressed me, one, in particular, were the staterooms! Our experience on other ships was different.

The Disney Wonder staterooms were quite spacious, larger than most other ships. I also understand all Disney Cruise ships have very similar accommodations.


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The bathroom! Oh, the bathroom! The blue-and-white-tiled bathrooms divided into two rooms! Hubby had his with a sink and toilet, I had mine with a sink and bathtub/shower.

This layout was especially important for trying to get ready in the morning. There’s also glass shelving in each, giving me, even more, space!

Clubs, Spas, Dining, and More (like an ice cream station!)

Disney Cruise Lines offers Cruises that are 100% kid-free. With three nightclubs, a spa, adults-only dining, and drinks, Disney Cruises have the grown-ups covered.

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Take advantage of great adult areas on these Disney Cruise liners:

 Cruisers can also take advantage of great adults-only restaurants as well!

  • Palo – Serving Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Wonder, and Disney Magic
  • Remy – Serving Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

Adults-Only Ports of Call

Disney Cruises didn’t forget the adults for excursions, either. Each and every Disney cruise has adventures specifically for adults.

These excursions range from snorkeling along tropical reefs to historical site-seeing, dining under the stars, open-air cabana massage, and more.

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Adult Activities for Magical Ways Adults Can Enjoy Disney Cruises

If you’re all about pixie dust, then, by all means, dine with the famous characters of Disney. No one judges on Disney Cruises!

However, if you’re feeling a bit more predisposed to adult activities, there are plenty to choose from. These activities range from whiskey, rum, and wine tastings to karaoke, trivia nights, Shows, Bingo…(yes BINGO, find me there!), and more.

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Enjoy the Private Island

That’s right, Disney has a private island. Castaway Cay is tailored to both adults and children. This island features white sand beaches, SUPER fun excursion opportunities, and more.

The best part? If you’re feeling the need to disengage from a crowd of kids, you can retreat to less populated areas or to the adult-only beach and enjoy some much-needed adult time.

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Quiet Cove

Although I’ve already listed adults-only areas, Quiet Cove gets its own section. Disney Cruises really thought of everything, including an area for adults to get away from the hustle and bustle of both kid AND adult areas.

With a cascading pool, whirlpool, cafe, bar, lounge chairs, and a general vibe of “ahh”, Quiet Cove is the perfect place to unwind and just do nothing.

Disney Cruises – Not Just for Kids

When you think Disney Cruises, you might immediately jump to characters and kids, and that’s certainly a part of it. However, don’t think that Disney Cruises are only about the kiddos.

Disney has made sure that their cruises are just as much fun for adults as they are for kids. With adults-only dining, entertainment, relaxation areas, and port adventures, Disney Cruises have everyone from 8 to 80 covered.

Mamacita On The Move

Oh, and by the way, it wasn’t difficult finding my hubby…..always at the ice cream station near the pool. He really enjoyed that they had rotating flavors!

Have you experienced a Disney Cruise? If so, let’s talk about it in the comments.

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