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It’s time to celebrate the New Year! We’re on the verge of ending the year 2020, and we made it! It’s finally the end of an awful year.

Typically, the world as a whole celebrates a sway New Year’s Eve with the clock striking midnight and enormous amounts of alcohol, fireworks, and plenty of food!

Well, how are you planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve? After that, it’s twelve months making another entire year. The best way to celebrate New Year is to set your plans in advance.

Celebrate the New Year 2021

Utilize this holiday, which is upon us, and plan unique ways to celebrate the New Year. It’s not only about an exciting New Year Eve, but you should make a complete plan to celebrate this New Year differently.

You did so many things in previous years, it’s time now to do something new and unique.

Why wait? Start with a blasting New Year’s Eve celebration when all cities turn into an open-air party stage. What are the other ways you’re planning to celebrate New Year? We have a few ideas about the unique ways to celebrate the New Year.

Celebrate the New Year on a Cruise

In previous years people traditionally would visit a bar or a club to enjoy New Year’s Eve. or even book a New Year Cruise. That’s not possible in 2020 though. We can always dream of next year!

An evening cruise would have been a great experience and a unique way to celebrate the beginning of the next year. In the Big Apple, the New York Cruise Lines offers the largest cruising service.

So keep this in mind for next year. You can book Circle line cruises, water taxis, or even world yacht charters for different diversified experiences. Or if you want to go further, how about a Disney cruise? Yes, it will happen!

One can always dream of celebrating the new year from the water while dancing with a beautiful view.

New Year Evening Cruises are famous in other US cities as well. Live DJ, open bar, dance, and fireworks are a part of the event celebration to make your evening memorable.

Wine Tasting Themed Party

Having a wine tasting event on New Year’s Eve is a unique way to celebrate So, what do you need to do? Invite not only your friends but also a local wine expert.

You can also do a similar and exciting themed party with beer, coffee, or any food items. Besides being a New Year’s party, this will be a cool social gathering and a great way to learn about tastes from around the world.

grapes to Celebrate the New Year

12 Grapes, 12 Wishes

This is a Hispanic tradition very unique and tasty! We place 12 grapes in a little bowl for each family member at the dining table.

One grape should be eaten at each of the 12 clock chimes at midnight on December 31st.

Also, a wish can be made to each chime. Some also eat the grapes standing up on the left leg, so that way you would enter the New Year on the right foot.

Bucket of Water out a Window

My husband is Cuban and even though this tradition has died away a bit, over there you can throw a bucket or a glass of water out of your door or window, splashing your woes out onto the street can be the best way to put the past behind you.

Just make sure no one is walking by! The idea is to wash away all the bad things and start all over.

lady with luggage to Celebrate the New Year

Plan your next vacation

Planning is an important aspect to make your vacation memorable. Yes, it took an unexpected turn and we had to change our travel plans. Since it’s the beginning of the next year, 2020, why not plan your next vacation?

There are so many travel destinations around the world. Check out the international travel hotspots and prepare a list, where you wish to travel. Have you visited all the top attractions in the USA?

The universe’s answer is No, as the USA is massive. So, make a list of the destinations you’re going to travel to in 2021 (after the pandemic) and explore this beautiful country.

Celebrate the New Year

You don’t have to celebrate the New Year though. You read right! You don’t have to celebrate if you don’t feel like it. You don’t have to attend that New Year’s Eve Zoom, one that many felt too guilty to decline. Or that friend’s house where you are having “socially-distanced drinks.”

Continue your day as normal.

Do you have another unique idea to celebrate the New Year? Comment below!

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