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Football season​ is here. It’s that wonderful time in the fall when we all get together and eat lots of food and watch our favorite teams square off on the grid-iron. While these teams have their offensive and defensive coordinators, we shoppers are the grooming coordinators of our families. I don’t know about the men in your life, but if I didn’t pick out grooming products for my husband that made him look good and smell even better, he’d probably just wash his hair with bar soap, slap on whatever deodorant was handy and call it done.

No. That is not happening. Not in this house. It’s football season! It’s time to move those outdoor parties from the summer indoors to our great rooms, basements, heated garages, or wherever and start watching some major pigskin action! It’s going to be a lot of fun, but it’s also going to mean cramped spaces, and the last thing anyone wants is to get a whiff of stinky pits. I don’t want anyone within my sphere of influence to be the cause or the recipient of anything less than fresh, which is why I make sure I always have my grooming coordinators headset on when I shop for my husband.

Mamacita On The Move

Tips to Be Football Season Ready

Looking good and smelling good is important, so here are few tips to help you maximize freshness for the man or boy in your life. You want to look and smell your best, and that takes more than just the right products. It takes a plan.

Timing is everything. To maximize freshness, be sure your husband or son gets ready for the game-day festivities just before you leave. We ladies already know that getting ready just before is the best way to look and smell great throughout the entire get together, but our husbands and sons definitely DO NOT. A great body wash is key. Of course, deodorant is a must. Finally, you need shampoo and conditioner than do a great job and leave the men in your life smelling great. You can get products that fit that bill perfectly at Publix.

Suave men grooming products

The Tools to Look and Smell Great

Publix has all the tools needed to help your men and boys look and smell great. Suave Men 3-in-1 Citrus Rush body Wash is a triple-action formula that works as a shampoo, conditioner, and body wash all in one. Designed specifically for the needs of men’s hair and skin, it’s perfect for the no-frills guy in your life (and aren’t they all) who just wants to get in and out of the shower as quickly as possible.

After the shower, be sure the boys have the right deodorant to keep them smelling great. Suave men Active Sport Deodorant Stick features a long-lasting formula that protects men against sweat and odor for 48-hours. It works as hard as they do, and it smells great.

It’s Easy to Be Football Season Ready with Publix

As the resident grooming coordinator, I take pride in finding products that help my husband look and smell his best and get them at great deals. I can always count on Publix for both of those. You can find all the great-smelling products you know and trust at great prices. 

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