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Holiday dinner is always the highlight of this time of year. The turkey and ham and sides are all laid out like a food tapestry, and everyone just waits to dive in. That moment always gives such a warm feeling of nom noms to be and family togetherness. What if you could capture that feeling without ever firing up your oven? What if you could get it any day of the week? You actually can. Culver’s serves a variety of items, so everyone in my group can find something they want. They have so many food options and a friendly atmosphere that makes it easy to capture all the feels of holiday dinner without cooking a single thing.  

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Give Yourself a Holiday Dinner Break

You’d never think that holiday dinner would actually decrease the stress of the holidays, would you? That delicious meal I mentioned earlier may be the high point of the get-together, but oftentimes what precedes it is a metric ton of stress. The worries over gifting, budgeting, and finding time to cook through all of it are real, and we all deserve a break from it.

My daughter now goes to school in Michigan. That is just about as far away from Florida as she can get without moving to Canada, and I miss her terribly. When she comes down for visits, especially during the holidays, I don’t want stress. I want a great quality time where we can focus on each other. Culver’s makes times like that possible. Their variety of items means that we can find delicious dishes that make us happy. In addition to the great food, their warm, inviting staff and vibe makes for a dinner out that feels so comfortable and relaxing. Culver’s warm hospitality makes it a family-friendly restaurant. It’s just a wonderful place to take a break from the turmoil of the holidays, no matter how joyous it might be.

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Delicious Food Makes for a Great Experience

Family togetherness, friendly staff, and a variety of food are great, but you also need that variety to be tasty, and Culver’s is! There’s nothing worse than going to a restaurant and ordering something that looks so good only to get it and instantly regret your decision. You never have the feeling at Culver’s. From their butter burgers and Value Baskets to their Concrete Mixers and Fresh Frozen Custard with 50 flavors, their food satisfies your taste buds as much as it does your need to relax and just enjoy family. Did you know that Culver’s cheese is made using farm-fresh dairy from Wisconsin family farms?

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Have Holiday Dinner Anytime This Season

Whether you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the season or you just want a nice time out with the family on a random Monday, Culver’s is a great place to take a break from the business of the holidays. A super friendly atmosphere and a general culture of relaxation and good times make any meal out with them a great one. With Value Baskets that fill our bellies without emptying our wallets and delicious desserts.

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soda and hamburger at culver's

Because Culver’s makes a great holiday gift in addition to a holiday dinner, I grabbed some gift cards! You can too! too! Visit your local Culver’s by December 29th, you’ll get a coupon for a free Value Basket when you buy $30 in gift cards. What a deal! 🙂 And now after a superb meal, we continue our holiday shopping!

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