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This year, we’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with the perfect meal using Pastene products. This year celebrating our heritage and honoring it is even more important than ever. We can use it to lift our spirits after a year that’s been anything but uplifting.

The perfect meal is part of the perfect celebration. As a Hispanic family, food has always been the center of our celebrations, whether it be a Christmas party or a quinceanera, food and family go hand in hand. Stirring up some memories is always fun.

Mamacita On The Move

Hispanic Heritage Month is all about celebrating our Latin roots, and our independence. The month and the day that was chosen to celebrate this month coincides with the independence of several Latin countries.

It’s a very important day to those of Latin descent and heritage. Every year we rejoice in family, friends, independence, and gratefulness for what we have, what our ancestors worked so hard to get, and what we can work toward in the future.

The Perfect Meal is the One Made with Love

Food is one of the ties that bind in Hispanic culture. It’s in our DNA. It’s almost a love language for us. One of the best ways to show someone you care or that you’re happy for them or commiserating with them or anything in between is with food.

For us immigrants, there are times when food brings back memories of the past. They remind us of back home, while others remind us of the things that happened during a certain time. Food can make us a bit nostalgic at times.

This year, my family has a lot to celebrate. After two hospitalizations this year, I can say I am doing good! My husband is doing well. My daughter is getting her Master’s degree at The University of Michigan after graduating from NYU.

We’ve weathered this crazy year very well, and now it’s time to celebrate that accomplishment along with our deep Hispanic roots as a family.

We’ll be doing that with the perfect meal served up with a great big scoop of love, and we’ll be doing it with Pastene.

Mamacita On The Move
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Hispanic Heritage Month Meal with Pastene

If you know Pastene, you might be wondering how we could be making the perfect meal for Hispanic Heritage Month using ingredients from an Italian food company.

The Perfect Meal for Hispanic Heritage Month with Pastene Products

You might know about their sauces and other authentic Italian ingredients and products, but what you might not know is that Pasteene also has a variety of ingredients that can help you make the perfect Hispanic meal. Dominicans love their rice and beans, and Pastene has us covered!

The Perfect Meal for Hispanic Heritage Month with Pastene

They also have gluten-free options, and you can find them at the majority of grocery stores across the country and on their website. That makes it easy to get exactly what you want.

Pastene has been in business for 146 years, and they owe that to their commitment to quality. They’re the oldest Italian specialty company in the USA, and they’ve stood for quality, purity, and good taste since 1874.

Their tomatoes are grown near Solerno, and their Kitchen Ready Tomatoes are made from these sun-ripened tomatoes that are then peeled, ground, and fresh-packed with fresh tomato puree to make a naturally thick, sweet sauce base.

Moro de Habichuelas hispanic heritage month makes perfect mealPhoto Credit

They’re a leading importer of authentic Italian foods and ingredients, making it easy to prepare delicious meals at home. So many great products among them, pasta cuts, tomato sauces, grated cheeses, roasted peppers, those kitchen ready tomatoes I mentioned, marinated artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, and more!

This sauce along with their other wonderful, Hispanic meal-friendly ingredients helps us prepare delicious Latin dishes that are authentic and full of flavor. Some of the best ingredients for Hispanic meals include:

  • Black Beans
  • Red Kidney Beans
  • Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies
  • Chipotle Pepper in Adobo Sauce
  • Roasted Peppers
  • Chick Peas
  • Arborio Rice

Pastene Products makes the Perfect meal

Make the Perfect Meal this Hispanic Heritage Month

I’m going to be making the perfect meal to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in a big way, and I’ll be doing it with Pastene.

Using their ingredients, I’ll have a great base to cook up a great meal celebrating the independence of so many Hispanic countries, the families who live there, and the ones who’ve immigrated beyond those borders. It’s all about family, friends, and great food.

While the first two are always there, the latter comes out of our kitchens, and the ingredients there matter.

With Hispanic Heritage Month here and more people cooking at home than ever before, Pastene is making meals easy and creating experiences that bring people together.

In honor of this month, I’ve teamed up with Pastene to give away a Hispanic Specialty Box that includes a variety of the best Hispanic-inspired ingredients, like the ones I listed above. To participate, visit our Instagram page and buena suerte (good luck)!

You’ll find beans, peppers rice, and more! It’s everything you need to make the perfect meal!

Have you tried these Pastene products that I mentioned in this blog post? If so, let’s talk about the perfect meal in the comments.

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