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How to Enjoy Vacationing with a Toddler

Traveling with a toddler is not as easy as jumping in the car and going for a short ride. This  is one of the reasons why some parents put off taking a vacation until their toddler is way past the terrible two’s. Waiting for your youngster to get a little older simply means that you probably will be spending more money on your vacation when the time arrives.

Having a toddler in tow while on vacation can be somewhat stressful. However, careful planning will ensure that everyone will enjoy themselves even if there is a toddler in the family.  Here are some pointers for you to think about, so you can choose a travel destination that is suitable for the whole family.

1. Family-Friendly Destination– Choose a family-friendly travel destination. Make sure that it has something that everyone in the family will enjoy. This certainly does not mean that they have to participate in certain activities at the same time. Parents or older siblings can take turns participating in activities geared to the toddler.

2. Take Practice Runs– Prepare them for travel by discussing the destination with them. Show them pictures of things they will see and do while they are there. Another way to get them ready for travel is to take them for short car drives and maybe even to the airport to watch the planes take flight.

3. Pack a Few of Their Favorite Toys– Make sure to pack a few of their favorite toys to take with them on the vacation. Let them cuddle one of their stuffed toys while in the car or on the plane.

4. Take Along Some Picture Books– Take along some picture books for them to look at while sitting in the car or other forms of transport. Make sure to buy a couple of new books for them to enjoy. It will give them something new to discover.

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5. Play Some Visual and Virtual Games – Either you or another travel companion play some visual games with your toddler to keep them occupied. Games such as I Spy or Punch Buggy seem to go over well. You could also play a game in which you say a letter for a fruit or vegetable and have the toddler name them. Also don’t forget your cellphone! You can download tons of apps to keep your toddlers occupied. We use our Cricket Wireless iPhone 5 S and believe me they are a life saver.

6. Travel with Kid-Friendly Snacks– Make sure to take along some kid-friendly snacks. Grapes, apple slices, bananas, cheese strings, chicken fingers, carrot sticks, and similar finger foods will keep your child full and eliminate the need to stop for food.

7. Make a Couple of Stopovers- Remember that young children are not used to being cooped up for long periods of time. Plan on making a stopover so they can get out and stretch their legs. If you are traveling by plane with a toddler for the first time, make sure that you choose a destination that does not take a long time to get there.  Using the above pointers will ensure that you, your toddler, and other family members will enjoy their vacation. Well before it is time to travel, make sure that you take your child to malls and other areas where there is a lot of people so that they will not become overwhelmed with the thought of leaving the comfort and security of their home.

What are some of YOUR Tips for traveling with toddlers?


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