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Cruising in California in the NEW Ford C-MAX Hybrid!

Cruising in California in the NEW Ford C-MAX Hybrid was a unique experience alright! Not only did I drive ALONE to San Diego from LA, but I got to experience the smooth ride of an eco-boost HybridFord car. I’ve done a few FORD car reviews and each time I test drive a new model, they seem to get better and better.

Did you know that the C-Max Hybrid is expected to achieve better fuel economy than the Toyota Prius? That’s huge! For the timeframe I drove it, I was very impressed with our fuel economy in fact I spent $15 in fuel.

The C-Max Hybrid comfortably seats 4 adults. It was a smooth ride in the sense of how it felt to be in the driver’s seat, the steering, and how quiet it was. It has a lot of get-go and in fact, it can go up to 115 mph although, I didn’t personally test that theory… Well maybe I did, but shhh don’t tell anyone and I did it safely. 

Among my favorite features, is that the C-MAX line features an innovative hands-free liftgate allowing quick and easy access to the cargo area! All you do is a gentle kicking motion under the rear bumper and voilá! The liftgate when used in combination with a key fob tells the car it’s OK to open or close the liftgate. This is a wonderful option for us parents (and COUPONERS!) who usually have our hands full whether it be groceries, other items, kids stuff, or the kids themselves!

The vehicles also feature the newest version of SYNC® with MyFord Touch® to help inform, enlighten, engage, and empower drivers – with an emphasis on increasing fuel economy.

In conclusion, some of my favorite Ford C-MAX features are:

  • Active Park Assist: Excellent feature helping you park the car! WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED!
  • Sync with Ford MyTouch: HANDSFREE It is! The touchscreen makes using Sync a lot better, allowing you to have full control of everything. I was able to find a Target store and grab a gift before arriving in San Diego!
  • Hands-Free Calling: This is AWESOME! This was the first thing I did before driving. We don’t want to be talking on the phone and driving. Safety is #1.
  • Foot-Activated Liftgate: I don’t travel light, so lots of luggage for sure, leaving me with no free hands. With this feature, I was able to do it all at the same time. Kick it, and after putting the luggage in the trunk and my hands were free, I pressed the button on the door and watched it close smoothly, quietly and best of all………..automatically.

Overall the C-Max Hybrid was a pleasure to drive, highly recommended.  So, if you are thinking of changing your old car for a newer, fuel-efficient model, the Ford C-Max is a great option and very kid-friendly!


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