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Holiday appetizers are always a favorite. Whether it’s a family get-together, an office party, or some sort of holiday-themed event being held in the neighborhood or city, we all flock to the appetizers as soon as we arrive. That’s something I keep in mind when I serve my finger foods at our seasonal get-togethers. To make my holiday appetizers more interesting, I like to pair my cheese, ham or dips with Blue Diamond Nut-Thins. I also love to make little holiday snack crackers and sandwiches with them, too. They’re a tasty little cracker that goes great with any appetizer idea you might have.

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Holiday Appetizers with Blue Diamond Nut-Thins

Usually, dips – even holiday ones – are paired with chips of some kind. That’s okay. It’s tasty. It’s also a bit boring. I’ve been dipping chips into my dips for my entire life. These days, I switch it up with Blue Diamond Nut-Thins. They’re more substantial than a chip, so they don’t break at the slightest hint of pressure, and they have a variety of flavors that are far more interesting than a plain old chip. They also make a nice base for a variety of cracker creations, from basic toppings to little cracker sandwiches. They have a variety of flavors, so I can craft the perfect cracker appetizer and pair the perfect cracker with my dips.

This year, I went with their original flavor. The original pairs with everything. What I like about the original Nut-Thins is that they’ have that fall flavor that we all love so much and that fits perfectly with the holiday season. It makes the perfect pairing for anything involving fruits, ham or cream cheese to give my appetizer that fall feel.

Another thing I’m always cognizant of is the dietary restrictions of my guests. I have a few friends that have gluten-sensitivities, so they can’t have just any crackers. That makes it difficult for them to enjoy get-togethers because they have to constantly worry about what they’re eating and how it will affect them. Nut-Thins are made from California almonds and rice, as well as other all-natural ingredients for their different flavors. That means that they’re perfect for my guests who have to be gluten-free and for those who just want to eat foods that are as natural as possible.

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The Holidays are Better with Blue Diamond Nut-Thins

Of course, holiday appetizers may be on my list of things to make the season better, but for many people just have a holiday at all is something that’s in question. This season is full of joy for those of us who have, but it’s a time filled with worry for those who have not. That’s another reason I love buying Nut-Thins for use with my holiday appetizers. For every box of Nut-Thins sold this holiday season, they’ll make a donation to Toys for Tots. I love that upping my appetizer game also helps families in need. It makes me feel good to know that just buying a box of these crackers – for any reason at all – can help a child have a happy holiday.

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Upgrade your holiday appetizers, head to your local Walmart and pick up a box or two of delicious Nut-Thins. with nine different flavors:

You’ll find one that fits your style perfectly, and you’ll be making holiday appetizers better than you ever have before. Remember that the holiday season is a time of giving! Make sure to pick up Blue Diamond Nut-Thins at your local Walmart store and help support their work with Toys for Tots, as Blue Diamond will be donating a portion of their sales. 

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Visit the Blue Diamond website to learn more about the delicious Nut-Thins. Follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, check out Toys for Tots website, they do amazing things!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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