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Disclosure: This post is part of my all-expense-paid trip to Detroit, MI to attend the North American Int’l Auto Show sponsored by Ford, in exchange for my press coverage. All opinions are 100% my own.


Just recently I attended the North American International Auto Show, and let me tell you…….wow! It was amazing. This was the absolute biggest car extravaganza I’ve ever been to, and I have Ford to thank for it. Thanks to them, I got the chance to see the most cutting edge vehicles coming to our roads, and I got to do it at a great venue like the North American International Auto Show.

The North American International Auto Show – Great Cars and a Great Trip

The Auto Show trip I took was amazing for more reasons than one. First of all, I was chosen along with a few other bloggers for an exclusive trip to the show, which was pretty amazing in and of itself. I was extra excited about the trip because I’d been invited last year, but I had another trip scheduled already. =( Not this year, though!

The entire trip started on a positive note that made me sure it was going to be great. I arrived the day before to get settled in, and it was luck that I did. The next day, it was a snowy, wintry mess, and all the flights were delayed. It was a total mess! However, since I’d gotten there early, I was able to enjoy the winter wonderland instead of being upset that I was either going to miss the entire North American International Auto Show or, at the very least, be late for it. Yay!

Had the opportunity to meet up with fellow blogger, Teresa Garza of Checa La Movie, who gave all of us a copy of her new book! Looking forward to a great read! So all around my trip to the North American International Auto Show was VERY exciting. And now, on to the cars!

Cars, Cars, Cars

I was floored when we stepped into the Cobo Center. It is MASSIVE. The place is so incredibly gigantic, the ceilings are high, and the lighting is perfect. We stepped into the Auto Show, and all we could was shiny, glossy cars perfectly lit to show off every curve and color so perfectly that at that moment I wished I were a millionaire so I could have a garage-like Jay Leno.

2017 Ford Fusion

I made a beeline for the Ford Fusion. I’ve been eyeing the Fusion for a long time, so I wanted to see exactly what the new Fusion had to offer. The idea of having a hybrid to save on gas and help the environment is amazing. This car is slick.

The exterior is all lines and curves that make your eyes caress the car, and it has just the right balance of softness and edginess. The curves of the car flow nicely from the grill to the rear bumper, highlighting the chrome rims, and the overall shape of the car is an ultra sport, considering it’s a 4 door. The sports car-styled grill and headlights add a touch of edge that makes the overall feel of the car stylish, sleek, and just edgy enough to make you feel like a bad girl when you hit the road. *love*

Ford put just as much thought into the interior as they did into the exterior. The adjustable seats are shaped to hug your body for comfort. The steering wheel is perfectly contoured and features the ability to control many of the dash functions directly from it rather than reaching towards the console. Then central navigation panel features a nicely sized touch screen. Here are the two coolest features of the interior for me: the gauge panel and the gear shift. The gauge panel looks like a space ship readout. It’s seriously like you’re piloting the Enterprise, and the gear shift is a dial, which I think is just the coolest.

The Ford Raptor

Another vehicle that really impressed me when we walked into the North American International Auto Show was the Ford Raptor. It’s a beast! The styling and coloring make it look like a Transformer. For real. I kept waiting for it to stand up announce that it was Ironhide. It has the straight-ahead styling that we all know and loves in Ford trucks, but with extra touches that give it an edgy, futuristic feel.

The Lincoln Continental

Ford and Lincoln are obviously moving towards a tougher look to their vehicles, and I mean that in a good way. The Lincoln Continental we saw had the signature combination of soft curves and powerful accents like a sporty grill and edgy looking headlights.

The North American International Auto Show – A Car Lover’s Dream

I can say without a doubt that I will never see a car show as incredible as the North American International Auto Show. The only thing that could top this trip would be if I were asked back next year. It was such an amazing opportunity to be asked by Ford to be a part of this event, and getting to see all of the new cars and meet my blogging friends was wonderful.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend the North American International Auto Show DO NOT pass it up. You will never see more sleek, shiny, beautiful four-wheeled eye candy in your lifetime. It can say without exaggeration that this was one of the most memorable events that I’ve ever been on.



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